Union History

About the Master Plan

Imagine a 21st-century student union building fueled by the energy of a post-email generation that grew up on Facebook, have always used Google as a verb, tweet more than they talk, and have an app for everything. Imagine a union that embraces and communicates UNT's rich sense of history and culture. This revitalized University Union will embody the culture, legacy, and aspirations of UNT, and simultaneously serve as a living symbol of UNT's promise of greatness.

As UNT grows into a major public research university, the rejuvenated Union will elevate to play a key role in providing UNT's students the best holistic education in Texas. Symbolizing all that is the "Green Light to Greatness," the Union will dramatically enhance its ability to service the university community, the City of Denton, and the State of Texas.

The transformation of the University Union will embrace and enhance the architectural character of Central Campus, be sustainable and efficient in operations, symbolize the UNT Brand, and feature bright, daylight filled spaces throughout its open and airy interior. The Union's carefully designed exterior features large windows, covered terraces, and beautiful views to and from the Library Mall, Highland Street, and Union Circle. Powerful new entries will welcome the campus community by providing recognizable beacons that anchor a clear, simple and understandable circulation system and allow people to effortlessly navigate to - and through - the rejuvenated building.

As the bustling hub of campus activity and the place to see and be seen at UNT, the revitalized University Union will serve as an anchor for the educational journey and destined greatness of UNT students for generations to come.



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