Market Days

Please select which dates you would like to register for, multiple dates can be selected. Tabling/sales time is 8AM – 5PM only (business hours).
Table Reservation
Select your preferred location for the event, taxes will be applied. *The March event dates are outdoor only.
If you would like an additional (6ftx2ft) table for your event, please select "yes" below. Additional $50/day Plus Tax - Indoor or Outdoor.
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As a vendor at Union Market Days, you are required by the State of Texas to collect sales tax on the items sold, and to report the tax collected to the State of Texas. As a vendor you will provide your State of Texas Tax ID # upon request. Please select "yes" below if you have a sales tax permit, will collect the proper sales tax, and will be responsible for reporting all collected sales tax to the State of Texas. PLEASE SELECT IF SALES WILL BE TAKING PLACE.
Please note:
To confirm reservation, payment must be received 10 business days prior to the event: no exceptions. After this registration form has been approved and processed, you will then receive a confirmation report which will serve as your invoice.
Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Event Planning and Scheduling Services team. UNT University Union room 418. (940) 565-3804.

By clicking "Submit" below, the above-mentioned Contact person, on behalf of the above mentioned Company, agrees to conform to all University of North Texas rules and regulations as spelled out in the Policies and Procedures as posted. The above mentioned also assumes financial responsibility for any damages caused by participants or attendees at this event. UNT University rules, regulations, and policies will be followed throughout this event and facilities will be left in their original orderly condition.