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The Mainframe is your Campus Technology Hub at UNT!

Your Best Value as a UNT Student, faculty or staff member.

Our goal is to offer you a great experience and convenience, right in the middle of campus. 

At the Mainframe:  

  • You can trade-in your old system
  • Receive relevant and expert advice on buying a new computer
  • Get great assistance with your “Out Of Box Experience” set-up
  • In and out of warranty repairs
  • Attend free training classes on a myriad of topics
  • Complete the circle by trading in your system when you’re ready for a new one

We offer Apple systems that are reliable and full-featured enough to last four years and beyond.  Every system we sell can be serviced in the Mainframe. With our academic discount, model for model, spec for spec, warranty for warranty, our prices are up to 20% less than the manufacturer's standard retail price. 

We work closely with the university to ensure our computers have the right configurations that will meet or exceed their recommendations. Other stores may offer lower priced computers, but in most cases, they can't match the reliability or warranty coverage of our systems. Plus, our competitors' computers without AppleCare cannot be repaired on campus and must be returned to the manufacturer or retailer for warranty service.