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We Mean Green FundA green light bulb with leaves logo with "We Mean" written at the base stands next to the words "Green Fund"

The We Mean Green Fund (WMGF) provides an opportunity for members of the UNT community to make our campus even greener! The fund is made possible by the student body through their contributions via the Environmental Service Fee. Each student contributes $5 to the Environmental Service Fee during the spring and fall semesters to help reduce UNT's impact on the environment. UNT students, faculty, and staff may propose their campus environmental improvement project ideas to the WMGF Committee to be considered for funding and a chance to make UNT more sustainable. A student-led, student-majority committee recommends the allocation of funds from the student Environmental Service Fee to support environmental sustainability projects at UNT. 

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Our Mission

The We Mean Green Fund empowers UNT students, faculty, and staff to improve our institution through campus projects that embody passion and spirit for environmental sustainability.




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