green cap with environmental yellow and green cord

The UNT Environmental Volunteerism Graduation Cord (EVGC) recognizes students for their outstanding contribution to environmental sustainability through community volunteerism. Through this graduation cord, the We Mean Green Fund recognizes the volunteer efforts of students who promote environmental stewardship. 


There are two options to choose from to earn this graduation cord: General Track and LLELA Track.




To earn the EVGC through the General Track, students are required to complete and report at least 75 hours of environmentally focused volunteer efforts during their time as a student at UNT. Please review the full list of requirements associated with this graduation cord before you report your volunteer efforts on the corresponding EVGC General Track – Self-Tracking Form.

The General Track allows you to report volunteer efforts from any event/cause that focuses on environmental stewardship. The We Mean Green Fund Department does not schedule volunteer efforts. To sign-up for volunteer efforts at an event/cause that is environmentally focused, reach out to that location or organization to schedule volunteer efforts.



LLELA (Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area) TRACK

The LLELA Track immerses volunteers in hands-on techniques used in ecological restoration. Through this track, students will gain knowledge and an appreciation for what it takes to put nature back to the way it should be. Students must complete at least 75 volunteer hours at LLELA to earn the EVGC. Students who complete the LLELA Track will qualify for the LLELA Restoration Intern Program. Students interested in the internship or volunteering at LLELA must email Richard Freiheit ( Please review the full list of requirements associated with this graduation cord before you report your volunteer efforts at LLELA on the corresponding EVGC LLELA Track – Self-Tracking Form.

LLELA Address: 201 E. Jones St., Lewisville, TX 75057

If you are unable to complete all 75 volunteer hours at LLELA but still wish to complete your remaining hours elsewhere to earn the EVGC, you can still apply for the cord through the General Track. Fill out the EVGC General Track – Self-Tracking Form if you are unable to complete all 75 volunteer hours at LLELA, but have a combined amount of 75 hours from various environmentally focused volunteer efforts.

If you plan to apply to the LLELA Restoration Intern Program, it is advised to complete the 75 volunteer hours earlier in your degree plan to be able to participate in the intern program while still a UNT Student.



EVGC Volunteer Requirements for General Track and LLELA Track

  • All volunteer efforts must be environmentally focused
  • Reported volunteer efforts must not be considered as class requirements, course credit, employment, nor court ordered community service
  • Monetary compensation must not be accepted for volunteer efforts
  • Hours must be completed during your time as a student at UNT



EVGC Instructions

1. Register through this online webform to inform us which track you are planning to take and when you plan to graduate. 

EVGC Registration Form

2. Download the Self-Tracking Form that matches the track that you are on (General Track or LLELA Track). 

EVGC General Track - Self-Tracking Form        EVGC LLELA Track - Self-Tracking Form

3. Volunteer for environmentally focused events/causes.

  • If completing the General Track, volunteer efforts can be at any environmentally focused events/causes.
  • If completing the LLELA Track, all volunteer efforts must be completed at LLELA (Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area).

4. Type your volunteer efforts onto the corresponding Self-Tracking Form that matches the track you are on. (Download these from step 2 above.)

5. Email the finalized Self-Tracking Form with at least 75 qualifying volunteer hours to to file for completion by the deadline before your graduation date.

  • Deadline for fall graduation – November 15th
  • Deadline for spring graduation – April 15th

6. Fill out the completion survey you receive via email after filing for completion (required for cord pickup).

7. Schedule a time to collect your cord.

8. Get your cord!

9. If you complete the LLELA Track and wish to apply for the LLELA Restoration Intern Program, you must reach out to Richard Freiheit  ( for further instructions.



Thanks to student members of the UNT Fibers Collective, these graduation cords are specially customized each year. The cords are 100% natural cotton and hand-dyed by UNT students with natural dyes from the UNT Natural Dye Garden. The yellow base of the cords is created by immersing the cords in a dye bath of goldenrod, marigold, yarrow, and/or sunflower. Each growing season at the UNT Natural Dye Garden determines the available colors for the cord dyeing process.



To learn more about the Evironmental Volunteerism Graduation Cord, check out the following article: "We Mean Green: UNT Students Graduate with Environmental Volunteerism Cord"

For questions about the Environmental Volunteerism Graduation Cord, email

For questions about the LLELA Restoration Intern Program or scheduling volunteer times at LLELA, contact Richard Freiheit (