Yellow and blue RecycleMania logo features a bright blue and white recycle arrow sign

What is RecycleMania?

RecycleMania is an annual national competition among universities in the US and Canada to measure and compare campus waste reduction over an eight-week period. We're on a mission to divert the most recyclables from the landfill!

UNT competes every year in the Per Capita Classic RecycleMania challenge, which means we are measuring the weights of paper, cardboard, bottles, and cans recycled on a per person basis. 

During the contest, we encourage EVERYONE—students, staff, and faculty—to pitch in! 


Check out RecycleMania 2019 updates HERE!


Ways You Can Help During RecycleMania

  1. Please choose the recycling bin when disposing of paper, cardboard, bottles, and cans on campus. Items with any food or drink residue should not be recycled as they will contaminate other recyclables in the same bin.
  2. Set a reminder to empty your personal recycling bin into the communal recycling receptacles prior to the end of each week so your recycled items can be included in UNT's weekly stats.
  3. Follow @UNTEcoReps on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook to participate in weekly social media competitions for a chance to receive some awesome eco-friendly goodies!
  4. Tell a UNT friend about the competition to spread the word.
  5. Check in here to see UNT’s weekly status in the RecycleMania competition.

For questions about RecycleMania at UNT, please contact