WMGF Committee

The We Mean Green Fund Committee recommends the allocation of funds from the student Environmental Service Fee to support environmental sustainability projects at UNT. 

UNT students, faculty, and staff may apply for membership to the We Mean Green Fund Committee when unfilled seats are available.  

Committee Composition: The membership of this student-majority committee shall be limited to no more than thirteen voting members and two non-voting, advisory members. The committee will be composed of the following members: 

  • Voting Members
    • Students
      • Eight students shall be selected via a competitive application
      • One undergraduate student shall be appointed by the Student Government Association
      • One graduate student shall be appointed by the Graduate Student Council
    • Faculty & Staff
      • One UNT faculty or staff member shall be selected via a competitive application
      • One faculty member shall be appointed by the Faculty Senate
      • One staff member shall be appointed by the Staff Senate
  • Non-voting/Ex-officio Advisory Members
    • One staff member shall be appointed by Facilities
    • One member shall be the WMGF Project Coordinator

Infographic illustrating the 13 seats of the We Mean Green Fund Committee

Membership Terms: Each member of the WMGF Committee will be appointed for two academic years. Faculty, staff, and student members may serve successive terms, provided they reapply and are approved.

Committee Member Qualifications:

  • All student members of the WMGF Committee must be registered as full-time or part-time UNT students during their term/s of office and hold a 2.5 GPA or higher when applying for service. 
  • Staff and faculty members of the committee must currently be employed by UNT. 
  • All members must be in good conduct standing with the university to serve on the WMGF Committee. If a member is not in good standing, that member will be immediately ineligible to serve on the WMGF Committee.

Officers: The officers of the Committee are the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

Committee Member Responsibilities
Committee Member Benefits
  • Contribute to active speaking engagement at committee meetings
  • Promote awareness of the WMGF across campus
  • Recruit WMGF project proposal submissions from students, faculty, and staff
  • Make funding decisions on behalf of the UNT student body and community
  • Communicate with campus project teams on project progress
  • Participate in all committee meetings
  • Support WMGF events and activities
  • Assist with additional operational duties
  • Gain insight and experience at the university level
  • Learn project evaluation and selection processes
  • Develop leadership abilities 
  • Enhance communication tactics 
  • Build organizational awareness
  • Strengthen budgeting skills
  • Heighten project management experience
  • Network on and off-campus

If you would like to be contacted when the application becomes available again in the future, please join our mailing list.

 WMGF Committee Application Mailing List

We Mean Green Fund Committee Application Applications are currently closed

A committee comprised of UNT staff, faculty, and/or students will review applications based on a rubric and vacancies will be filled by the candidates with the highest average scores.