WMGF Projects 

2018-2019 Projects


Lot 27 Tree Initiative

LEED Certification Program

yellow gardenblock logo with geometric flower tree bases inside black plastic container green building logo

Pollinative Prairie (Phase I)

Bike Theft Prevention

UNT Goes GreenSense

group of students smiling surrounded by prairie plants bike lock UNT wind turbine

2017-2018 Projects

UNT Goes GreenSense

Storm Drain Art

LEED Gap Analysis Intern Program

when our litter gets drained, our water gets stained artwork with fish LEED certification logo

Residence Hall Recycling



recycle bin with items    

2015-2017 Projects

UNT Community Garden

Solar Trailer

Pollinative Prairie (Implementation)

community garden sign visible with gazebo in the background solar trailer surrounded by trees with solar panels displayed group of students smiling surrounded by prairie plants

Sustainable T-Shirts

I Bike UNT - Safety

Sustainability Hackathon

student giving away shirts I Bike UNT Logo with image of bike in a bike wheel group of UNT community members sitting and listening to presenter

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

I Bike UNT - Theft Prevention

Green In Grid Out

water bottle that says Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) bike lock securing a bike to a bike rack Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science logo

Tailgate Recycling

BigBelly Recycling Bins

UNT Natural Dye Garden

Tailgate recycling sign that says 75% of the American waste stream is recyclable trash can that has recycling and trash options Students are smiling and working with flowers in the Natural Dye Garden