Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment

It is common in landscaping and grounds maintenance for equipment to be powered by gasoline. This has an impact on the quality of air on campus, as exhaust from these machines emit pollutants. In 2020, the UNT Grounds Department proposed a We Mean Green Fund project to create a pilot sustainable mow crew armed only with electric-powered equipment. This crew will be utilized to show the viability of electric-equipment in the long term as to garner future investments in transitioning away from gas-powered equipment. 
In addition to improving the air quality on campus, electric equipment is quieter than gas powered equipment and produces zero emissions. The electric lawn equipment will be used in a specified quiet zone to promote an un-interrupted student learning experience when the Grounds Team is doing their work. The combination of less air-pollution and noise-pollution should make the UNT experience all the more enjoyable! 

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