BigBelly Recycling Bins 2.0

In 2014, the BigBelly Recycling Bins project brought 50 recycling and waste bins to the UNT campus. Because of the BigBelly’s solar trash compactor and fleet management technologies, this We Mean Green Fund project has helped make outdoor recycling and trash collection more efficient for UNT staff. The enclosed BigBelly units make recycling and trash disposal convenient for the UNT community and prevent waste from littering the campus during high winds that often impact outdoor waste bins that are not enclosed.  
After several years of using the BigBelly technology on campus, UNT Facilities identified a need for more of these bins to reduce litter in high pedestrian trafficked areas. Through this project, Facilities proposed to install six more BigBelly units around campus. In addition to the installation of these six new bins, this project will also fund new educational recycling posters for the 60+ bins across campus. The signage was developed by UNT student Madalyn Hernandez. As a result of the new recycling posters, this initiative inspired a group of staff to enhance the UNT recycling website to provide more detail about campus recycling practices. Look out for the new bins and signage in the 2021-2022 academic year! 

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