Bird Campus Committee

The UNT Bird Campus Committee (BCC) is a We Mean Green Fund project created to educate the UNT community about the important role birds play in helping us understand our ecosystem’s health, quality, and integrity. The need for bird conservation education has become more vital as bird populations have drastically dropped over the last 50 years. The UNT BCC is a student and employee-led initiative that coordinates with faculty, staff, and community partners to lead changes on campus that will benefit birds that call UNT home or pass through UNT during migration.  
Starting in Fall 2021, the UNT BCC will hold events and meetings to increase awareness and appreciation for biodiversity on campus, using birds as an interest gateway. Committee members will participate in local and national conferences to build upon their knowledge of supporting bird conservation. They will also host special projects related to campus bird conservation. The We Mean Green Fund will support this project over the course of five years.  

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