Community Garden Composting Initiative

Through this We Mean Green Fund, a larger-scale composting structure will supplement the UNT Community Garden’s existing composting methods which no longer have the capacity to process the large amount of organic material produced at the garden. This new wood and wire three-bin turning compost system will allow for more organic material to be salvaged from the garden while also serving as a way for plant material to be stored while it decomposes. Students will use the compost they create to enrich the soil in their adopted community garden plots. Signage explaining the composting process will provide students with a better understanding of sustainable gardening practices. Keep an eye out for this new garden equipment and signage during fall 2021! 
This composting station will not accept household food scraps or organic materials generated from sources other than the UNT Community Garden. Educational workshops and demonstrations will guide UNT community members in the process of starting their own composting stations at home.  
This project was proposed by a PhD candidate and avid UNT Community Garden member during spring 2021.  

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