We Mean Green Fund Project Proposal Process

The We Mean Green Fund supports the advancement of campus environmental sustainability efforts through community-driven project ideas and leadership. Through joint engagement and enthusiasm from students, faculty, and staff, the projects financed by the fund integrate sustainability into the culture of our university’s many operations and activities. Environmental sustainability can be applied in nearly any academic discipline or area of work and lends itself to creative approaches and solutions. What project will you propose?

Complete project proposals for the 2021–2022 academic year are due no later than Friday, November 5th, 2021 at midnight

Before preparing a proposal, review the We Mean Green Fund Project Proposal Guide for complete instructions and details about proposal requirements.

A complete We Mean Green Fund project proposal includes the following materials:

*Email wemeangreenfund@unt.edu to request a fillable Word or Excel template for the items marked above. 

Electronic Pre-Proposal

By submitting this quick electronic form, you express to the We Mean Green Fund staff that you are interested in applying for project funds. Submit one pre-proposal per project to briefly define your project idea to the green fund staff. Pre-proposals can be submitted at any time. After you submit a pre-proposal, staff can offer feedback, confirm feasibility, connect you with appropriate campus entities, advisors, or team members, and provide guidance on how to move forward successfully and best compose your project proposal as a compelling narrative for the We Mean Green Fund Committee's review. If you have multiple members on your project team, only one individual needs to submit this electronic form. 

Project Proposal Form

The Project Proposal Form provides the We Mean Green Fund Committee with a summary of your proposed project and the context of its feasibility and impact. It also identifies your project team. The Project Proposal Form consists of prompts that must be completed to be considered for funding. Each prompt has a specified word limit; if responses exceed word limits, your proposal may be disqualified from review. Use the provided editable Project Proposal Form and follow its enclosed instructions. 

Budget and Timeline Excel Document

Project proposals must include a budget that is clearly defined and based on research and a timeline that summarizes tentative project activities. Use the provided editable Budget and Timeline Excel template and follow its enclosed instructions. 

Project Advisor Agreement and Support Letters

All projects require a signed project advisor agreement from a UNT faculty or staff member who will take on the role of project advisor and assist with project implementation and completion.  Please use the Project Advisor Agreement template.  Additional letters of support are requested from project stakeholders whose involvement or approval is necessary for project completion (e.g. UNT faculty, staff, departments, organizations, external units, etc.). Make sure the support letters follow the guidelines outlined in the We Mean Green Fund Project Proposal Guide. Letter templates are provided.

Visual Slide Deck

Candidates must submit a Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck that provides supporting visual aids. To allow for a free range of creativity, a template is not provided. However, slide deck guidelines established in the We Mean Green Fund Project Proposal Guide should be followed.


If you have questions or need support as you prepare your project proposal, please email us at wemeangreenfund@unt.edu.


Need some 'greenspiration'  for a project idea? Check out the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and get creative to address sustainable development locally! The 17 goals were adopted in 2015 as a "universal call to action to protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030." Please note, We Mean Green Fund project proposals must have an environmentally-focused core as they are funded through the Environmental Service Fee. 

Sustainable Development Goals


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