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Division of Student Affairs


Green Light to Greatness Award Recipients

The DSA Green Light to Greatness Recognition Award recognizes Division of Student Affairs (DSA) employees who have made a notable contribution and/or act of service to the university community, whether large or small.

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What we learned from Rainn Wilson

“Contentment…is never attached to external events,” said Rainn Wilson, nearly halfway through his lecture Thursday evening. The goal of his speech, up to this point still untouched, was laid out before the roughly 2500 fans in the Coliseum. He challenged everyone to dig deep, and be brave as they tackled life’s big questions.

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A brief introduction to SoulPancake

Next Thursday, the 19th, at 7pm, the UNT Distinguished Lecture Series will present Rainn Wilson. Most know him as Dwight Schrute from NBC’s “The Office,” but his purpose of coming to campus is to spread the word of his new social project, SoulPancake.

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Dr. With welcomes you to the Fall 2013 semester!

Hello, Students!

Welcome back to the University of North Texas! I want to take this opportunity to alert you to a few of the changes you might be seeing on campus as you arrive for fall classes. As I'm sure you can see from all of the construction on campus, we've been busy...

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