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UNT’s Internship Program exists to assist students in obtaining high-quality internships prior to graduation. Through experiential education, valuable academic learning occurs outside the classroom.

The mission of the program is to develop well-prepared students who, through the benefits of experiential education, become the next generation of leaders for the global community. We feel strongly that when students gain real-world experience in their field of study, they excel academically, as well as professionally.

Get Hands-On Experience Before You Graduate

Employers prefer to hire graduates with hands-on experience in their majors. You can gain practical experience and enhance your classroom learning through an internship. In addition to providing insight into your future career, working as an intern will give you a competitive advantage in the job market because of the skills you have developed while in the position.

We can help you obtain high quality internships prior to graduation. We work closely with potential and existing employers to promote internships within their organizations. We have successfully increased the quality and quantity of these experiences for our students.


Internships are work experiences (typically one semester) related to your field of study with an emphasis on “on-the-job” training rather than merely employment.

The benefits of internships are:

  • they extend your classroom learning into a real-world setting
  • they provide you opportunities to reinforce your choice of major and career path
  • they allow you to obtain transferable skills by working in a professional environment
  • they help you create a valuable network of contacts within your industry

Although some internships are unpaid, our program strives to promote paid opportunities. Some degree programs require students to fulfill an internship as part of their course work. Our office can help you in those situations, too.

Intern Abroad

In addition to local internships, there are opportunities for students to participate in internships abroad.  Keep in mind that while these are great opportunities, there are more costs involved (airfare, fees for collaborating agencies, room & board, etc) than a typical internship and credit may not be available.

To view the available international internships, log in to your Eagle Network account and go to Search Jobs.  Click on the International Internships position type and start your search.

These positions are made available with the help of UNT's Study Abroad Office.

International Students

International students are eligible to work off campus in an internship or co-op, as long as they have filed the necessary CPT paperwork and received work authorization.  Credit is one component of the process, which is where our office assists.  All CPT-related questions should be directed to International Student and Scholar Services.

Each semester an international student is working off campus, they must fill out all paperwork (CPT and Request for Credit).  Failure to do so can result in a loss of work authorization.



Financial Aid Eligibility

Before applying for an internship, we encourage students to be prepared to utilize financial aid eligibility if needed for educational related expenses.  Please review the following information, and complete your certification regarding understanding of financial aid implications related to your upcoming internship request.

  1. Students are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FASFA) each academic year for financial aid consideration. In addition, students must complete a brief summer financial aid application via their myUNT account to be considered for summer financial aid.
  2. A student’s financial aid eligibility is determined each award period (fall/spring or summer).  A student may have no remaining aid eligibility in the summer, depending on what financial aid was utilized during the fall/spring award period.  Summer financial aid may help defray the cost of an internship experience, but it may not always be possible and students should ensure they are prepared to address necessary out of pocket expenses.
  3. Students must maintain at least a half-time class load at UNT and demonstrate satisfactory academic progress (SAP) to be eligible for financial aid.   SAP is monitored at the end of each term.  Please review SAP requirements here:
  4. Financial aid recipients should review the Terms and Conditions of your financial aid awards at:

The following example is provided to ensure enrollment requirements are understood in relation to internship experiences.

  • If UNT internship enrollment is only 3 SCH and the student is not enrolled in any other courses during that term a student WILL NOT be eligible for financial aid.

If students receive scholarship(s) to assist with educational expenses and will not be meeting enrollment requirements during an internship, it is the student’s responsibility to contact each awarding department or external donor regarding their established appeal procedure and follow through as advised.  In certain situations, exceptions to enrollment requirements may not be possible.