The Eagle Access Card Swipe system is used campus-wide to track student participation and engagement and is the best way to track virtual program participation for current UNT students and employees. Students will sign in on their device with their EUID and password. Once they sign in, they'll be redirected to the link for your virtual program.  If you need help getting set up as a Card Swipe user or if you have questions about the Eagle Access Card Swipe system, you'll need to reach out to .

Set Up Your Virtual Program

  1. Visit and log in with your EUID and password. 
  2. Select the appropriate Event Category for your department.
  3. Click the green Create Event button. 
  4. Complete the Event Occurrence form.
    • If your program is online only, select Virtual Only. If your event is hybrid select Virtual & In Person.
    • Enter your program details. You may want to add some buffer time before your program so students are still able to sign in if they arrive a few minutes early.
    • By default, all online programs created in Card Swipe show up on the Virtual Events page. If you do not want your program to be listed the Virtual Events page, then you need to check the box for Unlisted Event.
    • Make sure to include the link students need to use to access your event.
    • Click the green Create Occurrence button to create your event in Card Swipe.
  5. Distribute your program link.
    • Once your event is created you should see it listed in your Event Category.
    • Click the three vertical dots next to the program status.
    • Select Copy Virtual Event Link to get the Card Swipe link for your program.
    • Distribute your link. Some great ways to distribute your program link are: adding your program link to your website, the UNT Calendar Event for your program, and emailing the link to program participants.

Why Use Eagle Access Card Swipe for Virtual Programs?

  1. It keeps all of our engagement and participation data in one place. 
  2. It protects the link to your virtual event, since it redirects students to your link after they sign in with their EUID and password. This helps limit the access to your program to members of the UNT Community. 
  3. Students can find your program on the Virtual Events page.