Green Jackets


Green Jackets history dates back to 1925. Members have shown strong leadership skills both on and off campus, have a true passion for service toward UNT and its community, are outstanding students in the classroom, and constantly serve as role models for their peers.

During the 2012-2013 academic year, the Green Jackets earned a cumulative GPA of 3.4 and completed a total of 1,700 hours of service.

What a Green Jacket Does...

  • Assists the VP at University events (both on and off campus).
  • Serves as a guide for visiting notables.
  • Assists with campus forums and events.
  • Helps make the campus more welcoming for students and guests.

Become a Green Jacket

Applicants Must...

  • Be able to serve for at least 2 long semesters.
  • Not be on any level of disciplinary probation.
  • Carry at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Complete at least 30 credit hours by May 2015.
  • Be a strong supporter of the spirit & values of UNT.
  • Demonstrate Service, Leadership & Scholarship while at UNT.
  • Turn in application by March 27, 2014 and contact or with any questions.
Apply Online Today! Apply via Word Doc

Members 2014-2015

Position Name Classification Major
President Destiny Richards Senior Journalism/Communications
VP Special Events Ty Fleeman Senior Public Relations
VP Special Events      
VP Selection Elizabeth Mathers Senior Biology/Chemistry
Secretary Jessica Lanza Junior Biology/Spanish/Chemistry
Sergeant at Arms Vacant    
Historian Ashley Utrup Sophomore Speech & Language Pathology
Historian Breon Williams Junior Marketing
Name Year Major
Andrew Williams  Junior Hospitality Management
Annette Mackey Senior Interdiciplinary Studies (4-8 Science w/ ELS) / Jewish Studies
Arlene Moonan Senior Sociology / Psychology
Ashley Utrup Sophomore Speech - Language Pathology / Global Disorders
Aubri Elliott Junior Advertising
Bessie Banks Senior Kinesiology Minor: English
Breon Williams  Junior Marketing
Connor Ryan Junior Real Estate
Destiny Richards Sophomore Journalism/ Communications
Diana Ignacio Senior Biology/ Chemistry & Spanish 
Janette Orona Sophomore Development & Family Studies / Spanish
Elizabeth Mathers Sophomore Biology/Chemistry
Hannah Clark Sophomore Hospitality Management
Hayley Bond Junior Psychology / Minor: Sociology
Irae Yoo Senior Sociology
Irene Osemwegie Junior Health Promotions
Jessica Lanza Junior Biology / Spanish, Chemistry
Jocelyn Schimpf Junior Dance / Business
Jorge Cruz Junior Accounting
Judith  Nicks Freshman Aviation Logistics / Operations Supply Chain Management
Kyleigh Head Freshman Public Relations / Leadership in Community & Non-Profit
Lisa Bahoum Senior Biology, Chemistry, French
Logan Matlock Junior Economics / Hospitality Management
Maria Perez Junior Honors-Spanish  Minor: Marketing  Pre-med concentration
Maria Pelaez Sophomore Kinesiology
NiColette Boyd Senior Psychology
Patrice Chatmon Junior Kinesiology/Psychology
Rachel Okon Sophomore English
Rachel Volk Junior Broadcast News Minor: Fashion Merchandising
Rance Yordy Sophomore Journalism, Psychology/ Chinese
Sunny Pate Junior Applied Behavior Analysis
Taylor Lindholm Junior Converged Broadcast Media
Taylor Low Junior Hospitality Management/Leadership of NonProfit and Community Orgs
Tierra Bishop    
Ty Fleeman Junior Public Relations 
Walker Burns Junior Kinesiology / Business Foundation

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Green Jackets!
They will be representing the Vice President of Student Affairs and the Division at many different events and programs. If your department would like the Green Jackets to assist with your campus event (ushering, passing out programs, etc.) please do not hesitate to contact Hope Garcia.