About Us

The Marketing Team handles web, graphic, print, and consultation matters for the Division of Student Affairs and its departments.


Graphic Design | Dallas Schwab

Web Development | Victor Estrada

Photography | Kresheera Helaire 


Our Services

Website For an event or brand we can create a website or page, depending on demand. In the created site or page we can include the services below.
SEO We will optimize URLs and titles for best results in search engines.
Usability Tests We will test and create the best layout and user interface for the target audience's use.
Forms Forms can be added to process data, and/or allow contacting the department.
Content Architecture We will organize content in the best way to allow an easy flow of reading and navigation.
User Interaction We will add features that will allow users to interact and promote them to return. These features include, but are not limited to: slideshows, photo galleries, video galleries, and social media widgets.
Email We will construct emails that combine our research and your event/brand information for maximum return on investment when sending mass emails.
Social Media We will construct timelines and posts for social media in combination with our research for maximum reach and response on networks including Facebook, and Twitter.
Posters Posters will promote the event and build brand equity through a design that relates to the event and dignifies the brand.
Brochures Brochures can communicate a more detailed explanation of your event and brand.
Banners Banners allow a larger reach to viewers in the Union.
Handbills & Postcards Handbills and postcards can be made to create a lasting impression, and promote viewers to return.

Project Requests

Note: Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks for graphic design requests to be fulfilled.