(940) 565-2778

A full-time psychiatrist and part-time resident psychiatrists provide psychiatric care, which includes assessments, medication evaluations, and pharmaceutical treatment when necessary.  Counseling services are available to enrolled UNT students through Counseling and Testing Services.

Referrals can be made by a medical provider at the Student Health and Wellness Center, UNT Counseling and Testing Center, Psychology Clinic and UNT Care Team. For further information, please call the SHWC at (940) 565-2778 or visit the Counseling and Testing Services/Care Team websites.

Upon completion of the referral process, patients will be scheduled an initial evaluation appointment.  Appointment prices for visits are listed below:

New Psychiatric Initial Intake $50.00

30 Minute Follow-up appointment $35.00

Medication Re-checks $35.00

The above charges do not include the cost of medications or lab tests ordered by the psychiatrist. Payment is expected at the time of service; however, payment arrangements may be made when necessary. For further information regarding payments, please call the Billing department at (940) 565-8543.