Health & Wellness


(940) 565-2778

A full-time psychiatrist and part-time resident psychiatrists provide psychiatric care, which includes assessments, medication evaluations, and pharmaceutical treatment when necessary.

Referrals can be made by a medical provider at the Student Health and Wellness Center, UNT Counseling and Testing Center, Psychology Clinic and UNT Care Team. For further information, please call the SHWC at (940) 565-2778 or visit the Counseling and Testing Center/Care Team websites.

Upon completion of the referral process, patients will be scheduled an initial evaluation appointment.  Appointment prices for visits are listed below:

New Psychiatric Initial Intake $50.00

30 Minute Follow-up appointement $35.00

Medication Re-checks $35.00

The above charges do not include the cost of medications or lab tests orderd by the psychiatrist. Payment is expected at the time of service; however, payment arrangements may be made when necessary. For further information regarding payments, please call the Billing department at (940) 565-8543.