Organization Chart

Dean of Students

  • Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs- Maureen Mcguiness ED.D.
  • Associate Dean of Students- Renee McNamara 
  • SURE/CRP Director- Sonia Redwine
  • Survivor Advocate- Esther Oppong
  • Director of Student Legal Services- Keisha Ware, J.D.
  • WMGF Project Coordinator- Emily Bilcik
  • Administrative Coordinator-Claire Medina


  • Assistant Director-
  • Assistant Director- 
  • Housing and Residence Life- LaToya Haynes
  • Sr. Administrative Specialist- Karley Lemons
  • Graduate Assistant- Maya McMillan


  • Withdrawal Coordinator- Melissa Manila
  • Withdrawal Coordinator- Victoria Schofield
  • Graduate Assistant- Eryn Butler


  • CARE TEAM Coordinator- Jessica Hogue
  • SOS/Food Pantry Coordinator- Caitlin Edgar
  • Graduate Assistant- Delaney Farris


  • Graduate Assistant- Juliana Cox

Survival Advocacy

  • Graduate Assistant- Callie Stanford

Student Legal Services

  • Assistant Attorney- Iftin Mohamed
  • Sr. Administrative Specialist- Jamie Edwards

We Mean Green Fund

  • Graduate Assistant- Syeda Sumaya
  • Graduate Assistant- Jameriya Owens


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