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Frequently Asked Questions

I was written up by an RA. What happens now?
RA reports are reviewed by Student Conduct and Community Standards. If the report alleges you engaged in misconduct, SCCS will send a notice of complaint to your UNT email address. The notice will explain what misconduct is alleged and who you should contact to schedule a meeting to discuss the allegation.

The police gave me a student referral. What should I do?
The police will send a copy of the student referral to Student Conduct and Community Standards. SCCS will review the police report and contact you. Check your UNT email address for a notice or meeting request or meeting request from SCCS. It can take a few days for SCCS to review the police report, especially for referrals given to students over the weekend. 

I got cited or arrested by the police and I got a notice of complaint. Isn't that double jeopardy?
No. Students are accountable to criminal and civil authorities for misconduct which violates the law. The same misconduct may also violate UNT's Code of Student Conduct. UNT's conduct process is separate from any criminal or civil legal action. 

What will happen at a meeting? What can I do to prepare?
You'll meet with a SCCS representative who will want to talk with you about what happened. You'll be asked for your perspective and if there is any information that SCCS should look at or anyone SCCS should talk to in order to make a well-informed decision about what happened. The SCCS representative wants to hear your perspective and have all of the relevant information to make a good decision about what happened and how the situation should be addressed.

Students can talk with a peer advocate to help prepare for a SCCS conduct meeting. 

I disagree with the decision made in my case. What can I do?
Depending on the type of case and the type of outcome, you may have the option to request reconsideration or a review. Reconsideration is the opportunity to give the SCCS representative who made the original decision new information, not previously available, that may change the finding or the sanction. Review is the opportunity to have a neutral, third party review Student Conduct and Community Standards decision. When the SCCS representative explains their decision they should also explain your option to request reconsideration or a review. Be sure to pay attention to the deadline.

If you have questions about your options to request reconsideration or review you can talk with a peer advocate or call the Dean of Students Office (940.565.2648).

Will this go on my record?
Student Conduct and Community Standards keeps student conduct records. These records are separate from a student's transcript and other types of records UNT keeps about students. Student conduct records are typically kept for seven years, then they are destroyed. If a student's good conduct standing is permanently removed, they are suspended or expelled, then the record is permanently kept.

Inside of UNT, student conduct records are only shared with employees who need to know information from the record in order to do their job. For example, residence hall staff would need to know if a student has been removed from a residence hall. Outside of UNT, information from a student conduct record is generally only shared with the student's written, signed consent. There are some exceptions to this, which are explained in UNT's FERPA Policy

How can I file a complaint against a student?
If you think a student has engaged in misconduct please contact the Dean of Students Office (940.565.2648 or to make a report. If you believe a student has committed a crime you can also make a report to the UNT Police Department (940.565.3000) or the appropriate law enforcement agency. If you believe a student has engaged in discrimination, harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, or stalking you can also make a report to the Office of Equal Opportunity (940.565.2759, 

I have a question that isn't answered here. How can I get it answered?
Contact the Dean of Students Office (phone: 940.565.2648, email:, location: University Union 409). We look forward to speaking with you!