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As a college student, you have a lot on your plate to balance. From academics, work and social commitments, the RISE Center is here to support you and your goals. The RISE Center offers stigma free, nonjudgmental support services for students seeking information on alcohol and other drugs, along with peer recovery support. Our department houses two primary supportive services, the Substance Use Resource Education (SURE) program and the Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP).









I was referred to the SURE Program for a Code of Conduct violation. How do I make an appointment?

The first step is to complete our intake form. This gives us information we need to schedule your meeting and guide our discussion. Check your UNT email account for a letter from us to complete the intake form. Once we receive your intake form we will check your availability with that of our staff and send you a meeting confirmation letter to your UNT email account. Don't see an intake form in your UNT inbox? Click here to get started.

Where can I find the CRP peer support groups offered this semester?

Good Question! Click here for our current peer support groups. You can also visit the UNT Events Calendar for a list of upcoming groups.

I am interested in moderating my use, not being sober. Do you have resources for that?
Absolutely! Abstinence is not the only recovery pathway. We have staff you can meet with to help you set goals that work best for you and point you towards resources, like the Collegiate Recovery Program.
Is information shared confidential?
While we are not  identified as a confidential resource on campus, we do follow FERPA guidelines. Information will not be shared unless there's an educational need to know or you have given us permission to share with a third party.
What is your contact information?

Chestnut Hall, Suite 301