Important Update Regarding Evictions:

Effective Thursday March 19, 2020, the Supreme Court of Texas has issued an emergency order to halt eviction proceedings statewide until April 19, 2020. The chief justice may choose to renew the order upon its expiration. If you are a UNT student and are facing eviction during this time period, please contact Student Legal Services at either 940-565-2614 or

For more information, and for information regarding exceptions to this emergency order, please visit

Applying for Unemployment if Your Job has Been Affected by COVID-19:

Who is eligible?

If your employment has been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), then you are eligible to file for unemployment benefits. For example, if you are facing a reduction in hours, or you were laid off or terminated, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. 

How to Apply

Apply online by using Unemployment Benefits Services or by calling TWC Tele-Centre. Unemployment benefits claims will be evaluated based on past wages, the type of job separation (layoff, a reduction in hours, being fired but not for misconduct, etc.)

 Where to Apply

  • Unemployment Benefits Service

  • TWC Tele-Centre: 800-939-6631 from 8AM-6PM Central Time Mondays through Fridays

What You Need

  • Last employer's business name and address

  • First and last dates (month, day, and year) you worked for your last employer

  • Number of hours worked and pay rate if you worked this week (including Sunday)

  • Information related to your normal wage

  • Alien Registration Number (if not a US citizen or national)

Questions? Contact Student Legal Services at 940-565-2614 or at