Join the ACCESS Mentoring Program!

Advocates Creating Conversations that Engage and Support Students

The ACCESS Mentoring Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to connect with a member of UNT’s faculty or staff as well as a peer mentor. Your faculty or staff mentor will serve as a guide and resource to you over the next academic school year.

Your Faculty/Staff Mentor will:

  • Assist you in setting goals to achieve academic and personal success
  • Contact you a minimum four times a semester
  • Serve as point of support throughout the semester
  • Engage you in topics of discussion that will aid you throughout the year
  • Share with you their experiences and provide advice as needed
  • Have fun with you!

Mentees are expected to:

  • Make a one year commitment to ACCESS mentoring program
  • Respond to emails and contact from mentor in a timely manner
  • Interact with your mentor a minimum three times a semester
  • Be receptive to the information and resources given to you
  • Attend any other arranged meetings with mentor throughout the year
  • Attend mentor/mentee group events and program recognition events, as available



Be an 2016-2017 ACCESS Faculty/Staff Mentor!

Mentors are coaches, role models, advisors, guides, and referral agents for new UNT students. Mentors assist new students in getting acclimated to campus life and understanding the many resources available to them during their collegiate experience at UNT. Faculty and staff members who have been at UNT for at least one year are encouraged to be a mentor for a new student. Mentors should have knowledge of the university and its resources and be willing to assist new students as they acclimate to our campus and college life.

Colleges and universities across the nation struggle every year with how to help new students adjust to the inevitable changes of college life. UNT believes this transition can be smoother if new students are given opportunities to connect with representatives across campus who are aware of the many resources available to students.

Being a mentor is a great opportunity to give back to the UNT community. Mentors not only get an opportunity to tell their mentee what "I wish I knew when I came to UNT," but they also get the opportunity to shape the mind of a new student and help him/her adjust to new life on a campus of over 36,000 students.

Potential mentors receive information via email and various other publicity mediums regarding the program. By applying to be a mentor, mentors agree to a one year commitment. Although we hope sustaining relationships will be built, mentors are only required to serve as a mentor for the one year period. Recruitment will begin again in the spring and summer for the following academic year.

The role of mentor is not designed to be a time consuming commitment on your part, only a rewarding opportunity to give back to UNT and its students. The expectation is that every mentor will attend a training session, read all communications sent by the office of Orientation and Transition Programs (i.e. newsletters and e-mails), and will make an effort to connect with their mentee(s) regularly. These connections can range from meeting for dinner or lunch to sending a quick email.


Centralized Peer Mentor Training

Peer mentors are students who have been selected and trained for a leadership role that provides a service to their peer group.  All peer mentors, peer advocates, and peer educators should be knowledgeable about their role and what it means to be a peer leader.  The Centralized Peer Mentor Training offered by the office of Orientation and Transition Programs trains student leaders on the skills necessary to effectively lead peers.  Centralized Peer Mentor Training is an excellent opportunity for peer mentors to meet and network with other student leaders on campus. This training should not replace office specific trainings or meetings, but instead should help facilitate the understanding of the peer mentor role on campus.

Training Topics

  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Programming/Event Planning
  • UNT Policy and Resources
  • Strengths Quest 

Blackboard Resources 

Starting this Fall 2015, Centralized Peer Mentor Training will also include a Blackboard component  for continued resources and support throughout the year. The Blackboard site includes: 

  • Discussion boards to connect and share experiences and advice.
  • Ice breakers and activities to facilitate with students
  • Resources and information about mentoring and leadership 

If you would like to arrange a Centralized Peer Mentor Training session for your student leader group please contact

ACCESS Peer Mentors 

Peer mentors are essential to the retention and persistence of students at UNT. They are exceptional upper-class students who serve first year students as they transition into UNT. Peer mentors are evident leaders on campus and in the Denton community.

Peer mentors are coaches, role models, advisors, guides, and referral agents for new UNT students. Peer mentors assist new students in getting acclimated to campus life and understanding the many resources available to them during their collegiate experience at UNT.

The ACCESS Peer Mentor Position is a paid position in the Orientation and Transition Programs Office. In addition to meeting with their mentees one on one, ACCESS Peer Mentors also plan programs and events for students in the program to attend.