DSA Risk Management Coordination Committee

The DSA Risk Management Coordination Committee provides an opportunity for departments to gain a broader perspective on risk management issues and to serve as a sounding board for committee members regarding these issues. The committee serves as the primary divisional resource to assess programmatic and workplace risk management needs. Provide oversight on university, departmental and programmatic risk management plans; business continuity plans; and provide education and training to divisional stakeholders.

Committee Members:

Mike Flores
Brittany Landau
Penny Gustafson
Derrick Cripps
Sonia Redwine
Chris Lawrence

Chair: Craig Zemin
Advisor: Danny Armitage

DSA Appreciation Committee

The DSA Appreciation Committee promotes the recognition of DSA staff and is charged with planning and implementing the division's summer social event and Years of Service/Staff Appreciation event. In addition, the committee explores additional ways to encourage and recognize staff through other activities.

Committee Members:

Skylar Redlin
Febe Moss
Wiley Stem
Shaun Holloway
Stevie Ealey
Dylan Kimmery
Alexa Bilich
Carmen Trevizo

Chair: Wendy Denman

DSA Assessment Team

The DSA Assessment Team promotes the use of assessment to improve programs and performance and enhance student learning and development. The team provides education, expertise, and information to refine and improve assessment tools and to promote the use of assessment in decision-making and resource allocation. Members share and disseminate departmental assessment results and assist in planning and implementing Division-wide assessment projects. The team coordinates the University's assessment planning process with the Division.

Committee Members: 

Martika Jacobs
Linda Wilson
Keisha Ware
Denisha Akpan Job
Stephanie Brown
Sarah Rogers
Stephanie Fields
Danielle Wong
Tristen Wheeler
Ashley Collins

Chair: Sam Williamson
Advisor: Sam Williamson

DSA Professional Development Committee

The vision of the DSA Professional Development Committee is to work as a community of competent professionals committed to lifelong learning and the shared ownership of organizational excellence. The team's mission is to enhance the competencies of professionals in Student Affairs by facilitating purposeful, innovative, and engaging activities that educate, train, and develop. This committee also coordinates the New Employee Orientation

Committee Members:

Tori Nelson
Steven Harris
Katie Hermes
Marilyn Parrish
Ella Pipes
Brianna Rutledge
Deidre Leslie

Chair: Gina Vanacore
Advisor: Danny Armitage

DSA Heritage Month Programming Committee

The DSA Heritage Month Programming Committee creates support for and programming ideas that assist and encourage efforts to recognize heritage months including Black History Month, Women's History Month among others.

Committee Members:

Victoria Schofield
Sergio Renovato
Aqsa Cheena
Jessa McKinnis
Kevin Huang
Bernice Del Rios
Matt Ward

Chair: Kevin Sanders
Advisor: Hope Garcia

DSA Committee on Student Leadership Initiatives

The DSA Committee on Student Leadership Initiatives enhances communication, coordination, collaboration, and cooperation between and among departments in the Division of Student Affairs pertaining to student leadership programs. The committee also identifies areas where education and training about leadership are needed and explores new trends in leadership education.

Committee Members: 

Andrea Marquez
Desiree Padon
Lisa Paytonjian
Shaun Holloway
Briana Tyler
Melanie Mitchell
Anthony Miller
Oscar Celis

Chair: Tricia Rodriquez
Advisor: Melissa McGuire

DSA Awards Committee

The DSA Awards Committee coordinates the selection process for various Division awards including the DSA Outstanding Student Employee Awards.

Committee Members:

Mike Fleming
Agnieszka Beavers
Detra Craig
Carmen Garza
William McAfee
Renee McNamara
Liz Berry
Amy Hicks

Chair: Arigayle Skinner
Advisor: Arigayle Skinner

DSA Technology Team

The DSA Technology Team develops and implements information technology processes and procedures to ensure equitable distribution of technological resources within Student Affairs and provides for adequate staffing and resources to meet the needs of the division and the students we serve.

Committee Members:

Jessica Stone
Kara Ottinger
Will Branch
James Fairchild
Corey Davidson

Chair: Aundrea Caraway
Advisor: Amy Armstrong

DSA Staff Wellbeing Committee

The DSA Staff Wellbeing Committee promotes and encourages staff to live healthier lifestyles, support a healthy workplace, and create a culture of well-being. The committee explores ways to encourage well-being through promoting existing university wellness activities and developing division-specific programs/activities.

Committee Members:

Lisa Gorietti
Anthony Vazquez
Melissa Manila
Marilyn Parish
Alyssa Torrance
Josh Gosdin
Sarah Sprabary
Pam Jackson

Chair: Wendy Comfort
Advisor: Laurie Klein

DSA Careers in Student Affairs Committee

The DSA Careers in Student Affairs Committee plans opportunities to connect current students to the field of Student Affairs by planning events during Careers in Student Affairs month and by connecting students to DSA staff who serve as mentors.

Committee Members:

Gino Simione
Ronald Atkinson
Richard Owens
Amanda Vaughn
Rodolfo Gomez
Christa Coffey
Brian Hirsch

Chair: Sean McNamara
Advisor: Eileen Buecher

DSA Administrative Support Committee

The DSA Administrative Support Committee plans to serve as a resource for all lead departmental administrative support staff. This group will meet monthly to address procedural inefficiencies, research process improvement options, and determine appropriate training opportunities to promote growth in administrative skill sets.

Chair: Christi Hestand

Committee membership will be dictated by role within the division.

DSA Marketing & Communication Committee

The DSA Marketing & Communication Committee works to identify best practices in communications (web and print), promote communications collaboration between departments, and offer training and professional development opportunities designed to improve Division communications.

Chair: Amy Armstrong

Committee membership will be dictated by role within the division.

DSA Student Service Advisory Fee Committee

The Student Services Fee Committee was established to advise the President on the budgeting of student services fees and to recommend the allocation of student services fees to best serve the needs of the largest number of students. Individuals wishing to address the committee must register at least 15 minutes prior to the convening of the meeting and must identify their name and the agenda item/subject to be addressed.

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