What we do

We are here to support evidence-based decision-making across the Division of Student Affairs. By taking a deeper look into things like card swipe data, retention rates, demographics, co-curricular participation (and much more) we can better understand the strategies, inputs, outputs, and outcomes our respective teams are working with, as well as see a clearer picture of how the division as a whole cultivates student development. We help departments plan, capture, and measure their programmatic outcomes to best support the learning and development of students in serving the continual improvement of your services and programs.

How we can help

What do you need? We're here for you! This site is a resource hub for all members of the division with resources on assessment and planning as well as direct access to personal assistance to get you all you need to set the stage for success. We can provide these services through consultation or review for those staffed and prepared to do much of this on your own, or for those that need more help, we stand ready to provide personal assistance and training as needed to help your team accomplish your goals.