Department: Recreational Sports

Bio: Anthony grew up mainly in Connecticut where he earned a degree in Management & Leadership from Goodwin University. He had been working in the recreation field for nearly 10 years before becoming a part of the UNT family in July 2021. Anthony enjoys great food (Alaskan King Crab is one of his favorites), a variety of sports (soccer is his favorite), and loves the wide variety of places, events, and history that Texas has to offer.

What does your role entail/what do you do: Anthony is the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs for Recreational Sports at the Pohl Recreation Center. “When people ask what I do I find it's easiest to tell them to think of the role as that of an amateur athletic director for recreation at UNT.” He is responsible for over 35 student-led sport clubs including Archery, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Water Polo, and many others.

What is your favorite part about working at UNT: “Besides the amount of sunny days Texas gets compared to where I was in Philadelphia? I really love that I'm surrounded by coworkers who enjoy making a difference through recreation. The energy we bring to the table is unmatched compared to other places I've experienced.” 

How have UNT students impacted your life: “Operating sports and activities over the last few years was tough, and the love I had for doing it was really put to the test. Talking and working with the students here rekindled the love and joy I had previously felt. Seeing their passion in keeping the sports they loved thriving, hearing their desire to bring new students into the clubs and proudly represent UNT in competitions, was truly inspiring.” 

Fun fact about you: “I played in the world's largest Youth Soccer Tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden. 1700 teams, 15,000 in attendance for one game…one of the best times in my life.”

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