Department: Recreational Sports

What does your role entail/what do you do: I manage the varsity esport teams for UNT! We have three competitive video game teams at UNT that compete against other college teams, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Rocket League. On the competitive side, I ensure these student athletes are properly supported through coaching, personal training, and the resources to compete and achieve their potential. We also have a crew of students that I supervise that help market the team's success as well as broadcast the games themselves so our community can cheer on the mean green teams. We also work with local K-12 programs, professional organizations, and sponsors to grow the collective esport ecosystem in the DFW area.

What is your favorite part about working at UNT: One of my favorite things we do in our program is at the beginning of the semester we gather our entire program on the day that new jerseys arrive and capture photo and video of the team for media footage for the year. The first time they put on a jersey that has their name and gamer tag on it renders a genuine smile on their face. The realization that they are now athletes for a university, developing a skill that has been incredibly important in their life leading up to that moment, and that skill is also valued by the university that they attend. The smile on our Mean Green students is infectious, and I love every moment of it.

How have UNT students impacted your life? I think seeing students in our first year of operating getting jobs in the gaming industry immediately after graduating changed how I approached this position. A great deal of my energy now goes into creating student volunteer and job opportunities for students to gain practical experience in our program. While one of our primary objectives is to win matches, I see success differently than I had four years ago when I first joined this campus and it had everything to do with our student's success in what we are doing, and the opportunities UNT provides.

Fun fact about you: I do sound design for Skyrim mods in my free time. I record and modify sound fx, as well as edit and implement dialogue for story narratives.

What's an identity you're proud to share with others at UNT? I am unashamedly obsessed with Paleontology.

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