Jeannette Hickl

Title & Department: Senior Associate Director, Marketing & Assessment for Career Center

Bio: Jeanette is from Bristol, Virginia, and lived in Virginia for 32 years before moving to Texas. She studied Human Development as an undergraduate at Virginia Tech and went to pursue her master's degree at Radford University in Counselor Education. She worked in career services since 2003 where she started as a front desk assistant and worked her way up through the years.

What does your role entail/what do you do: Jeanette supports the UNT Career Center's marketing efforts through a new campaign called Soaring Beyond. Soaring Beyond celebrates the UNT student and alumni success stories from getting an interview to getting into graduate school. She also supports internship specialists in the career center offices to create an internship cord campaign, a series of college-specific blogs about micro-internship.

What is your favorite part about working at UNT: Her favorite part about working at UNT is helping to create programs and services that benefit students

Fun fact about you: She watches Days of our Lives every day. Jeanette watches it to celebrate the 19 years she had with her mother before passing away. They watched it together and continuing to watch it makes Jeanette smile.

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