Department: Center for Leadership and Service

What does your role entail/what do you do: "I am currently one of the Coordinators of Leadership and Service in the Center for Leadership and Service. I work specifically on the Leadership side of the house! Some of my main roles and responsibilities include co-advising the Leadership Ambassadors, advising the All for NT/NT for All Leadership Conference, working with and advising The Big Event, and working with the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service!"

What is your favorite part about working at UNT: "One of my favorite parts about working at UNT are the students I work with and the team I work with. Every student that I have gotten the chance to interact with has been happy to learn alongside me, empowered to make positive change, and tenacious. Here at UNT, it feels as though each day is an opportunity to learn or try something new to benefit our students. I am so happy to be a part of a team like the CLS that values their students in such wonderful and impactful ways."

How have UNT students impacted your life: "The students at UNT have challenged me to be more courageous and passionate about education and advocacy. They drive me to redefine leadership and to always question “why.” The students here are authentic, brilliant, and driven; they inspire me to be my best every day within my professional career and personal life."

Fun fact about you: "I have a cat named Smeagol! He was so ugly when he was born that he was gifted that name and it just stuck. He is pretty handsome now, though!"

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