Stephanie Fields-Hawkins

Department: Student Health and Wellness Center

What does your role entail/what do you do: "I'm the Senior Administrative Coordinator for the Student Health and Wellness Center, so my job encompasses a pretty wide range of duties. In a nutshell, I connect the medical side of what we do with the higher education side. I manage a lot of our administrative functions, such as ePARs and travel, as well as internal record retention, Quality Improvement studies and assessment, and accreditation with the AAAHC, plus other projects as they pop up, like working the COVID vaccine and testing clinics, etc."

What is your favorite part about working at UNT: "The food. No! I'm kidding. I mean, the food is delicious, of course, but my favorite part is probably how connected everyone is and how many people are on a first-name basis with other employees all across campus, even if we've only connected via email and Zoom the past year and a half or so. "

How have UNT students impacted your life: "UNT students always remind me how much there is to learn about the world and how exciting that can be. "

Fun fact about you: " I'm training to become a Pilates instructor. I hope to be fully certified and teaching in a couple of months!"

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