Tristan Wheeler

Department: We Mean Green Fund

Bio: I am a current Master's of Public Administration student here at UNT. I received my Bachelor's of Social Science from UNT, where I studied geography, anthropology, and sustainability. Now, I am working as a graduate assistant at the We Mean Green Fund. My professional goals are to work with nonprofits, local governments, and universities with the goal of increasing education about sustainability.

What does your role entail/what do you do: As the Campus Community Sustainability graduate assistant, I work closely with the UNT Community Garden Facilitator to organize and promote events for UNT students to attend. Additionally, I am in charge of organizing Campus Race to Zero Waste, which is an 8-week long educational campaign about waste reduction on campus. I also currently reside as chair of the UNT Bee Campus Committee, which is a group of students, faculty, and staff that work together to encourage pollinator protection efforts across UNT.

What is your favorite part about working at UNT: I appreciate the opportunities that UNT provides for students to implement lasting and meaningful change in their community. Working for the WMGF and the Dean of Students, I can truly see the positive impact that UNT has by providing resources to students, whether that be fresh produce from the Community Garden or money to start a 'green' project on campus!

How have UNT students impacted your life? I love the passion that UNT students have about sustainability on campus! Every student I have worked with has amazing ideas, and they influence me to dream bigger too. Seeing the passion that they have for the environment makes me hopeful for the future of sustainability at UNT and beyond.

Fun fact about you: For most of my life I was an aspiring theatre kid! I actually started at UNT as a theatre major, and I know more showtunes by heart than I care to admit!

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