Dr. Elizabeth With Profile Photo

Dr. Elizabeth With

Senior Vice President
Student Affairs
Daniel Armitage profile photo

Daniel Armitage

Associate Vice President
Auxiliary Services
woman smiling in black

Dr. Laura Smith

Dean of Students
melissa mcguire staff photo

Dr. Melissa McGuire

Associate Vice President


Dr. Hope Garcia

Dr. Hope Garcia

Assistant Vice President
Student Services for Regional Campuses
woman smiling with blonde hair and blue shirt

Eileen Buecher

Assistant Vice President
Career Center
woman smiling with brown hair and floral shirt at rec center

Laurie Klein

Assistant Vice President
Executive Director of Recreational Sports
Christina Dastoor

Christy Dastoor

Director of Communications
woman with short blonde hair in black blouse with green background

Christi Hestand

Senior Executive Assistant
kassie grubs smiling with green background

Kassie Grubbs

Division Budget Officer
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Director of Development
Head shot of Sheila Bustillos

Sheila Bustillos

Director of Assessment