Alpha Sigma Lambda aims to recognize the special achievements of adults who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests at home and work. Alpha Sigma Lambda is dedicated to the advancement of scholarship and recognizes high scholastic achievement in an adult student's career. By doing so, this Society encourages many students to continue toward and to earn associate or baccalaureate degrees. Through leadership born of effort, both scholastically and fraternally, Alpha Sigma Lambda inspires its members and candidates to give of their strengths to their fellow students and communities through academic achievement. Alpha Sigma Lambda is an invite only honor society. Eligible students will receive an email with an invitation to join and link for one-time memberships dues. 

Membership Options include the following:

  • Membership Only ($10.00)
  • Membership with graduation cords ($29.00)

alpha sigma lambda logo and description


For more information about Alpha Sigma Lambda, visit the National ASL website