Welcome to the comprehensive guide to navigating the myriad online systems at the University of North Texas (UNT). As technology continues to shape the landscape of higher education, mastering the various online platforms and systems has become essential for student success. Whether you're accessing course materials, managing your academic records, or connecting with campus resources, this guide is your roadmap to confidently maneuvering through the digital ecosystem of UNT.



When you enroll for the first time at UNT, you will be issued an Enterprise-wide User Identification (EUID) number. Typically, this is your three initials followed by four numbers. Your EUID will be used as an identification number in class, as well as your user log-in name for internet resources such as MyUNT, Eagle Connect, and Canvas. You can also use your EUID or Student ID number (8 digit number) to swipe into any campus event or program if you accidently left your Student ID card at home!


UNTMobile is an app that gives you quick access to your MyUNT infor as well as your courses. You can create schedules, set up your due dates, see upcoming campus events, and access campus maps. There is also a Campus News section for you to see what is newsworthy at UNT.


Eaglenet is the wireless network at UNT that allows you to connect your laptop or other device to the internet. Eaglenet is available in almost every building on the Denton Campus and in all areas of Discovery Park. Some operating systems will automatically detect the Eaglenet wireless network and offer to connect to it. With others, you may need to scan to find the available networks. Once you've connected to the wireless network, when you open a web browser to go to a web site, you will be asked to login with your EUID and password. When you complete the login, you are ready to surf the web.


MyUNT is the University of North Texas central web location where students can access their online services and student information. This web site is where you select and register for classes, pay tuition via credit card, obtain financial aid information, receive unofficial transcripts and access other information and documents related to college enrollment. To access your MyUNT account, go to the UNT home page and click “MyUNT” at the top of the page.


Canvas is the online service where students can access all of their UNT classes. On Canvas you will find the syllabi for each of your classes, as well as any supplemental resources provided by your course instructor.  You can also communicate with your professor and classmates via message boards and digitally submit your coursework. Each of your professors may use Canvas in varying degrees. Some classes are taught exclusively on Canvas. Some will require considerable time and participation in Canvas in addition to traditional classroom instruction, while others may require little or no Canvas participation. When you sign up for classes, those classes will automatically show up on your personal Canvas home page. To access Canvas, click on “Canvas” at the top of the UNT home page and login using your EUID and password.  Under the “Courses” tab is a comprehensive tutorial on how to utilize and navigate the Canvas system.


EagleConnect  is the primary UNT email service.  Every student enrolled at UNT is issued an EagleConnect email account. Typically, your EagleConnect email address is YourName (sometimes followed by a series of numbers) @my.unt.edu. EagleConnect is the primary form of communication used by the university, as well as the primary form of communication preferred by most UNT course instructors. With this email account, you will receive important information and announcements from UNT faculty and staff. It is a regular email account, so you can use it like you use any other email account. To access EagleConnect, click on “EagleConnect” at the top of the UNT home page.  Emails sent to this account can be forwarded to your primary email address from the EagleConnect home page.  Click on “Options”, then “See All Options” on the main menu.  The settings necessary to forward to your smartphone or to forward to an external account are located on this screen.


Navigate is an online scheduling assistant. You can access it either through the mobile app or on your desktop. Navigate will be used to schedule all sorts of appointments on campus, most importantly, academic advisor appointments. To use the desktop app, visit unt.navigate.eab.com. Login with your EUID. You can also receive important university updates and announcements and appointment reminders through Navigate.


Your Eaglenet Student Email will automatically populate with Microsoft Outlook. Stay on top of multiple accounts with email, calendars, and contacts in one place. Available on desktop, mobile, and web. Outlook also has multiple built-in features to make work/life/school easier to balance. Remember, your UNT student email is the main mode of communication while enrolled at UNT and it is your responsibility to stay on top of your emails. You can also sync your Outlook and Canvas calendars. 

Recommended Apps for College-
  • Khan Academy
  • Coursea
  • Duolingo
  • CliffsNotes
  • Steppingblocks
  • Grammarly
  • GoodNotes
  • Google Drive
  • Canvas Student
  • Canva
  • Evernote


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