Tips and Tricks

Participate in Orientation Programs 

New Student Orientation (First Time in College or Transfer) will provide you with important information, familiarize you with the campus and learning system, and will help you locate resources and services available to students. The university provides both a general orientation and supplemental orientation programs for special populations. This includes a non-traditional student sessions held on the morning of the transfer drive-ins.

When you come to campus for general orientation you can also attend a non-traditional student orientation. Here you get information about non-traditional student programs and services, and meet your non-traditional student representative.

Take Math, English and Foreign Language Placement Tests 

If it has been a while since you have taken these courses, a placement test can determine which classes will best fit your level of understanding. Don't be afraid to admit you may be a little rusty. UNT recognizes that spending time away from a learning environment means that some students may need a refresher course to get back into the swing of things. A placement test will assure that you don't take on a course that you are not yet ready to take.

Get to Know Your Peers 

A non-traditional student in a class full of traditional students may feel a little disconnected. That is why it is important for you to get to know your peers, both traditional and non-traditional. Once you get to know the people in your classes, you will find that it is easier to communicate and you actually share similar interests with the other students. Many traditional students will welcome your valuable non-traditional perspective.

Develop a Support System 

Friends, family and coworkers may not initially share the enthusiasm and anxiety that you may have when beginning your new college adventure.  By building personal support for the tasks you are about to take on, you will find accomplishing your goals will be much easier and relieve some of the pressure from your off-campus life. You will have chances to meet students like you at Off-Campus Student Services' events throughout the year.

Incorporate Your New Status as “Student” Into Your Family Life 

Having homework time with your children is a valuable activity that reinforces the importance of education. Bringing your kids and spouse or partner to events on campus, and involving them in various campus activities will give your family a better sense of what it is to be a UNT student, and will make them proud of your accomplishments and ready to help you reach your goals.

Begin With a Reasonable Course Load 

Spending the entire semester on the verge of a breakdown is no way to begin your college career. A reasonable course load will give you time to adjust, assure that you can balance your time between school and family and will result in better grades at the end of the semester. A lighter course load means less pressure and anxiety.

Reach Out 

Take full advantage of the advocates that are here for you. The Coordinator for Off-Campus Student Services and the Non-Traditional Student Representative are very familiar with the issues that non-trad students face both at school and at home. Academic problems, family issues, financial difficulties and personal doubt are all things that many other non-traditional students have faced and overcome. If you need help with any matter, there is an advocate ready to help.