Coliseum ("Super Pit")


The Coliseum provides quality programs, services, and facilities that enhance the educational experience and create a community for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests.



It has been called one of the finest basketball facilities in college athletics.  The University of North Texas Coliseum, or "The Super Pit," is home to the North Texas Men's and Women's basketball teams.  Built-in 1973, the Coliseum is designed for multipurpose use and has excellent viewing sightlines from any seat in the arena.

The arena, designed for functional flexibility, features aesthetic and technical excellence for both patrons and performers.  The physical configuration evolved by combining the requirements of two diverse seating layouts; one for theatrical stage seating, and the other for coliseum-in-the-round seating.

A third major configuration may be constructed by locating a stage at one end of the arena floor.  All of these major seating situations have been satisfied.  The acoustics, lighting, speaker systems, and various riggings are all suitable for the three configurations.

The Coliseum has 9,797 upholstered permanent theater type seats plus forty-eight positions for wheelchairs.  With additional meeting space located on the lower level, the Coliseum is large enough to accommodate a wide range of activities.  Besides basketball games, commencements and concerts, there have also been luncheons, workshops, dances, camps, and competitions. Versatility is a keyword in describing the Coliseum.


The east entrances to the Coliseum, located on Avenue D, are ground-level and allow easy access to the venue for our guests in need of additional accommodations. In addition, there are limited handicapped parking spaces as well as a drop-off area on this side of the Coliseum.

Physical Address: 

601 North Texas Boulevard


(940) 565 - 2557