220th Senate Session: Fall 2022


Any questions can be directed to the Speaker of the Senate via email.


Meeting Breakdowns: 


Meeting Recap:

  • Senate Officer Appointments:
    1. Secretary of the Senate: Aneesh Mazumder
    2. Sergeants-At-Arms: Zachary Li
    3. Speaker Pro-Tempore: Peyton McFarlain
  • SGA Budget approved ($102,565.12)
  • Senate Standing Committee: Campus Life and Environment Committee, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, Internal Senate Committee, and Legislative Affairs Committee members assigned


Meeting Recap:

  •  Rec Sports: Guest Speaker
  • F2022- R1 Mental Health Legislation introduced
  • Senate Application Proposal Updated and Published



  • Agenda
  • Recorded Meeting
  • Minutes

Meeting Recap:

  • Senate Binders introduced
  • 3 Supreme Court Justices are appointed
  • F2022- R1 passes as the first piece of legislation for the semester.


Meeting Recap: 

  • Dr. With: Guest Speaker 
  • Robert Rules Recap 
  • Senate Expectations re-established


Meeting Recap:

  • F2022-R2: Reading and questioning of legislation
  • Committee Reports/Updates
  • SGA executive branch Updates


Meeting Recap:

  • First At-Large Senator Appointed: Jade Webb
  • F2022-R2- Southwestern Advantage: Passed
  • F2022-R3- Disability Access on Campus: Introduced


Meeting Recap:

  • F2022-R3- Disability Access on Campus: Passed
  • F2022-R4- Autistic Student Self Advocacy: Introduced
  • The Supreme court is officially filled!


Meeting Recap:

  • F2022-F2022-R4- Autistic Student Self Advocacy: Passed
  • F2022 - R5 - Easing the Financial Burden: Passed
  • F2022 - R6 - 21st Century Education: Passed
  • F2022 - R7 - Transfer Student Experience: Passed
  • F2022 - R8 - Web Presence: Passed
  • F2022 - R9 - Campus Care and Cleanup: Passed
  • F2022-R10- Lot 39 Commuter Parking: Passed
  • Senator McFarlain awarded Senator of the Session
  • Final Remarks for 220th Senate Session.

12.07.22 Special Session

Meeting Recap:

  • New Senator appointed to the College of Engineering
  • New Executive member appointed as the Director of Student Allocations
  • New Executive member appointed as the Intern Program Director


01.25.2023 - Opening Session

  • Senator Kaylen Ruiz was appointed as Speaker Pro-Tempore for the 221st Senate Session
  • Senate Internal Committees Updated with new Senators, event dates, and meeting times for the semester
  • Senators set their Office and Tabling Hours for the semester



Legislative Records: Fall 2022 - Spring 2023


Passed(P), Failed (F), Pending(PD)

F1-2022-R1: Community Mental Health Resources


Legislation Signed
F-2022- R2 - Southwestern Advantage P Legislation Signed
F2022-R3- Disability Access on Campus  P Legislation Signed
F2022-R4- Autistic Student Self Advocacy  P Legislation Signed
F2022- R5: Easing the Financial Burden P Legislation Signed
F2022- R6: 21st Century Education P Legislation Signed
F2022- R7: Transfer Student Experience P Legislation Signed
F2022- R8 : Web Presence  P Legislation Signed
F2022- R9: Campus Care and Cleanup P Legislation Signed
F2022- R10: Commuter Parking Legislation P Legislation Signed




Senate Standing Committees

Committee Updates