Legislation: Spring 2021

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S2021 B1 - Clarifications of Positions Within the SGA 

     Passed    S2021B1

S2021 R1 - Renewable Energy Generation for Campus Facilities

Passed S2021R1

S2021 R2 - Hourly Wage Compensation During the Snowstorm Crisis of 2021

Passed S2021R2

S2021 R3 Senate Social Media Account

Vetoed S2021R3

S2021 R4 - Gratitude for UNT Faculty and Staff Efforts During COVID-19 Pandemic

Passed S2021R4

S2021 B2- Sitting Senator Eligibility

Vetoed S2021B2

S2021-B3- Senate Reapportionment Bill

Passed S2021B3

S2021 R5- UNT Health and Wellness Center and Senate Health and Wellness Committee Partnership

Passed S2021R5

S2021 R6- Introduction of Pronouns on UNT Campus Systems

Passed S2021R6

S2021 R7- Willis Library Hours

Passed S2021R7

S2021 R8- Transportation Prices

Passed S2021R8

S2021 B4- Simplification of Senate Discipline Process

Failed S2021B4

S2021 R9- Menstrual Hygiene Initiative

Passed S2021R9



Date Attachments Recorded Meeting Meeting Recap


Approved Minutes Watch Here

Spring 2021 Senate Secretary is Maria Lawson, Bryan La Beau appointed as Senator for COS, Kaci Wright appointed as Supreme Court Justice, and S2021 B1 read. 


Approved Minutes Watch Here

Presentation from Tiffany Miller, S2021 B1 voted unanimously by Senate, S2021-R1 read, Andy McDowall appointed as Senator for COE, David Munoz-Sarabia appointed as Senator for CMHT, and Senate is planning service events.


Approved Minutes Watch Here

Senate voted on R1 and R2, they were passed unanimously. R2 was approved to be emergency status because of the importance of the resolution. Senate will be meeting in person next Wednesday.


Approved Minutes Watch Here Senate voted on S2021 R3, passed with a 10-3 vote. Senate also voted on S2021 R4, which was passed unanimously. Senator Puente was appointed to the COB.


Approved Minutes Watch Here Senate voted on S2021 B2, passed with a 13-2 vote.


Approved Minutes Watch Here

Senate Reapportionment Bill was presented, Senate service scheduled for April 14th.


Approved Minutes Watch Here

Senate Reapportionment Bill was passed unanimously, Transportation Services Presented new updates for the 2021-2022 year, and 3 new pieces of legislation were read.

04/07/2021 Approved Minutes Watch Here

S2021 R5 passed 11-1, S2021 R6 passed unanimously, S2021 R7 passed unanimously. Lydia Pluscht was approved as the 7th Election Board Member. S2021 R8 and S2021 B4 were read.

04/14/2021 Approved Minutes Watch Here

S2021 R8 was passed unanimously and S2021 B4 did fail with a vote of 8-5. S2021 R8 was sent to emergency status by the Speaker and passed unanimously. Summer Senate was approved. Last Session Meeting.


Voting Record: Spring 2021

57th Senate Session Voting Record