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Meeting Information

First Summer Senate Meeting of the 58th Senate Session: Summer 2021.

This meeting covers the Senate Officer Appointments and Executive Branch Confirmations.

President Skinner called a Special Session of the Student Senate regarding recent DCTA proposals.

This meeting covers the deliberations on the recent proposal by the DCTA to eliminate fixed-route bus transit lines in favor of the new GoZone on-demand transit service.

Meeting Recap:

  • Eight (8) pieces of legislation,
  • Updates to Raupe and Eagle's Nest policy,
  • Purchase requests, and
  • Consideration for the implementations of Senate Social Media & Temporary Senator Appointments.

Meeting Recap:

  • Executive Branch Confirmation of Matthew Noh (as Communication Director),
  • Revisions to the eligibility portion for Senate Appointment Process,
  • SGA Donation to the Student Success Fund, and
  • Sponsorship for Kona-Ice truck for Mean Green Fling

Legislation: Summer 2021

SS2021-R1 - Senate Social Media Account
SS2021-B1 - Continued Accountability for Raupe and Eagle's Nest PASSED SS2021-B1
SS2021-B2 - Transparency and Accountability for Eagle's Nest PASSED SS2021-B2
SS2021-B3 - Transparency and Accountability for Raupe PASSED SS2021-B3
SS2021-B4 - Can't Build on Sand PASSED SS2021-B4
SS2021-B5 - Training is on the Way PASSED SS2021-B5
SS2021-B6 - Appointment of Temporary Senator to Unfilled Seats FAILED SS2021-B6
SS2021-B7 - Student Senate Committee By-Law Amendment PASSED SS2021-B7
SS2021-B8 - ​​​​​Senate Appointment Process Revision PASSED SS2021-B8
SS2021-B9 - SGA Donation to the Student Success Fund PASSED SS2021-B9
SS2021-B10 - You Get a Snow Cone, You Get a Snow Cone... PASSED SS2021-B10

Voting Record: Summer 2021

58th Senate Session Voting Record