We love our Talent Search students! Have a look at our programs, activities, students, and more.

Talent Search Scholarship Recipients Showcasing Certificates: Abigail Nunez, Carlos Febres, Dantrell Sanders, Cynthia Guima, Amanda Ezeigbo, Casey Peeters, Griselda Mendoza, Angelina Hernandez, Victoria Fadipe, Seth Moyer


CONGRATULATIONS to the Ryan Talent Search Class of 2023 Seniors who were scholarship recipients this year. They were recognized at the DPSF Scholarship Awards Ceremony Wednesday evening, April 26th at the new Ryan Fine Arts Center. Talent Search is proud of you!

Pictured starting top left to right by row: Abigail Nunez, Carlos Febres, Dantrell Sanders, Cynthia Guima, Amanda Ezeigbo, Casey Peeters, Griselda Mendoza, Angelina Hernandez, Victoria Fadipe, Seth Moyer



STRICKLAND MS TALENT SEARCH STUDENTS toured UNT Discovery Park and learned all about their engineering programs. One of the engineering concepts they learned about was in circuitry. Students learned about how electrons flow through circuits and travel between positive and negative terminals of a power source, such as a battery. After learning about these concepts, students assembled functioning flashlights utilizing popsicle sticks, copper wire, a battery, and electrical tape attached to an LED light!



WISE HEALTH SURGICAL CENTER in Argyle offered our TS students the most fantastic career day! Medical professionals gave presentations and spoke with our students about their career fields.

We learned all about the healing powers of a hyperbaric chamber and robotic surgery! We explored various types of imaging. We even got to speak to one of the most skilled surgeons as she gave us a presentation of her surgical tools. The staff were so attentive and personable with our students. We love you so much, Wise Health Surgical Center! More pictures to come…



GAINESVILLE HS SENIORS 2024 are currently meeting with their Talent Search College Prep Advisors this summer to complete college-going tasks. We appreciate that our students want to be prepared ahead of time for college admission, financial aid, and scholarship deadlines! If you have a senior graduating in 2024, have them make an appointment with us!



The UNT STUDENT MONEY MANAGEMENT CENTER presented a financial literacy seminar for our Talent Search students. We want our students making good choices when they leave high school to pursue their educational goals!


Meet Alexa!

Alexa works hard in the classroom, and outside of it, she is a top student, head cheerleader, and student body president. Her passion for improving the lives of fellow classmates can be seen in her hard work on Mental Health week at GHS, bringing awareness and encouragement to the student body. She has been offered several large scholarships and acceptance to the Honors college at the University of Missouri to study social media management and marketing, continuing her passion for connecting people with each other in an ever-changing world. We are so proud of you, Alexa!!


Meet Melania!

Melaina strives for excellence and inclusivity in all of her many passions. Top ten in the school, lead clarinet player, and manager for many successful productions, there is no area that she doesn't shine. She is attending the University of Evansville in Indiana on a full tuition scholarship this fall to study Theater Stage Management, as she hopes to bring her creative visions to life on stages around the world. While there, she intends to study abroad at Harlaxton College, the sister campus in England. We could not be more proud of you, Melania!!



Gainesville Talent Search loves our counselors! A wonderful day of professional development with the GHS counselor team learning about all the resources UNT has to offer our high school students. From speaking to professors about student need, learning what the counseling and testing department has to offer, to a wonderful lunch at Eagles Landing, the love for educators is clear to see! Until next time!

Gainesville High School Counselors


Broncos in the Spotlight

Talent Search staff have been working hard this summer providing Rising Senior Summer Bootcamps for Seniors 2023! We provided small group workshops with individualized attention to help students complete their summer college and financial aid tasks. Here are some highlights of what has been accomplished in June and July 2022. Please allow me to recognize seniors for being flexible, adaptable, and still very much willing to take time out of their summer to complete college prep items, all with location changes as needed due to DHS still being under construction.

  • Seniors signed up for a minimum of two bootcamps, each about 4 hours long, completing resumes, essays, writing requests for letter of recommendations etc.
  • ·Students created their Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID accounts to help them begin the process of applying for financial aid when the FAFSA opens in October 2022.
  • Students completed scholarship research, identifying a minimum of 5-7 scholarships ranging from local, regional, state and national.
  • ·Seniors completed or have begun one or more, 4-year college applications.