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Group of UNT Students Planting Plants In Soil
Volunteer Opportunities
The University of North Texas and The Center for Leadership and Services are proud to help clean up the environment.
Four Students Posing for a Group Photo at Eagle Insomnia
Eaglethon at UNT is a unique and exciting tradition dedicated to raising awareness and funds to serve the Center of Leadership and Services.
Group of Students Posing for a Greek Life Photo
Greek Emerging Leaders
Greek Emerging Leaders is designed for members of the Greek Community at The University of North Texas who have proven themselves as leaders.
Faculty Members Posing for A Photo Doing The Eagle Claw
Lead Ambassadors
Lead Ambassadors is a student leadership board that helps to convey the mission and vision of The Center of Leadership and Services.



Why Center of Leadership and Services?

  • Best Department at UNT
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Because, why not?
  • There's no place like home
  • We could show you better than we could tell you

Staff Spotlight


UNT Student Posing For A Graduation Photo

Jane Doe

Director of Division of Student Affairs
"I love working at UNT. I wouldn't want to be any place else. My whole family bleeds green. CAW!"




The Center for Leadership and Services opens its doors to all individuals who possess the passion and motivation for leadership. Our aim is to cultivate exceptional leaders who will ultimately take on leadership roles within their respective communities.

If you think you may be a good fit, are a natural-born leader, or have any other questions, we are here for you.


In The news


group of students standing behind another student speaking
5k Annual Fundraiser
The Center for Leadership and Services raised $5,000 in 4 hours!
students dancing with scrappy the eagle
Eaglethon 2024 Kickoff
The Eaglethon event is here for 2024! Come see what all the fuss is about!
two students planting a plant in soil
UNT Community Service
Come join us as we do good deeds within the community!
student talking to visitor at table
2024 Mean Green Food Drive
UNT donated over 300 pounds of canned goods and dry food items!


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Why should I join?

The Center for Leadership & Service creates and implements programs that reflect and instill these three values. We develop students who will become active participants in the LEARNING process, and in turn will understand the value of service, leadership, and civic ENGAGEMENT. We EMPOWER student leaders to solve complex problems together. We invite you to explore our programs and learn how you can become a fully engaged student at UNT.

Where can I find volunteer opportunities?

Good Question! We have a plethora of opportunities year round! More information can be found at Volunteer Opportunities .

What is a Lead Ambassador?
Lead Ambassadors form a student leadership board at the Center for Leadership and Service at UNT. Their role is pivotal in communicating the Center's mission and vision. They engage in conducting leadership development workshops and offer consulting services to students. Additionally, they play a vital role in organizing programming and training, and act as key liaisons between the Center for Leadership and Service and the wider campus community. For more information, visit Lead Ambassadors .
Where are you located?
We are located in suite 345 in the University Union.