High School Career Connect's staff consists our student mentors, UNT students who meet with eighth graders and high school students; and our full-time staff, who train the student mentors and work with middle- and high-school students, their families, teachers, counselors, and administrators.

HSCC Staff
Cris Buxton, HSCC director
Cris Buxton
Sam Williamson, HSCC assistant director
Sam Williamson
Assistant Director
David Pyke, HSCC web developer
David Pyke
Web Developer
Amanda Koellman, HSCC administrative coordinator
Amanda Koellman
Administrative Coordinator
Ileana Garnand, HSCC student assistant
Ileana Garnand
Student Assistant
Jesse Jines, HSCC student assistant
Jesse Jines
Student Assistant
Roohia Shahzad, HSCC student assistant
Roohia Shahzad
Student Assistant
Rubab Shahzad, HSCC student assistant
Rubab Shahzad
Student Assistant
Simon Toledo, HSCC student assistant
Simon Toledo
Student Assistant
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