High School Career Connect's impact is not just measured in statistics. Here are comments from students and administrators about HSCC:

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Thank you for investing in the lives of our students at Ponder Junior High. The guidance and wisdom your mentors shared with our kids helped to clarify an overwhelming task. The process encouraged our kids in creating a path of understanding for high school and beyond, and really opened their eyes to an unlimited world of options. The kindness and professionalism of your mentors encouraged our kids to be transparent with their dreams and questions about expectations and what the journey really looks like.”
Cindy Fraser, Ponder Junior High counselor
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Your program really pointed me in the right direction. Y'all showed me a clearer path than what I was doing for myself, and helped me take it one step at a time. Y'all helped me narrow down my career choice to chemical engineering, and narrowed my college search to twelve schools. I don't know where I would be without your help.”
Daija, high school student
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High School Career Connect really helped me feel comfortable and confident when it comes to the transition from high school to college. They helped me figure out what major I want to pursue as well as helping me figure out my schedule.”
Mason, incoming UNT freshman
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HSCC helped me decide what I wanted to do in college. I'm now a freshman photography major, and have developed specific career goals for my future.”
Maris, UNT sophomore
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Thank you for helping me choose my endorsement, my career path, and which college I will attend, which just happens to be UNT with a major in drama.”
Hannah, middle school student
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College has made me kind of nervous and anxious, just because it's a whole different level than any school level I've been through obviously. You've taken so much weight off my shoulders, so thank you.”
Brooke, incoming UNT freshman
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HSCC helped me with my dreams of becoming a veterinarian. My mentors helped me narrow down on colleges that I had never even thought about. They were very helpful with everything I asked and that's new to me, my family doesn't really have any doctors or veterinarians so I don't really have anyone to ask about my choice of a career path. I was really thankful for being able to be included in this program.”
Cydnee, middle school student
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Thank you a thousand times for mentoring our eighth graders. Our students will be better prepared when choosing high school endorsements and courses related to their preferred career paths after working with High School Career Connect. Our students loved the one-to-one attention.”
Ponder Junior High principal
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