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Mentoring Tomorrow's Workforce

Today, as you sit in a classroom, slog through homework, or study for a test, your goal is graduation. Your focus is on getting out of school and getting on with your life.

But that diploma is not the destination.

The ultimate objective is a career: turning your education into a paycheck and making a living doing something rewarding and satisfying.

That's where High School Career Connect can help.

The University of North Texas and the Greater Texas Foundation established High School Career Connect to provide career advice, postsecondary planning, and workforce trends to help eighth graders choose endorsements and high school students select college majors.




Through HSCC's one-on-one peer mentors and based on a student’s skills and interests, HSCC maps the primary high school-to-career paths (jobs, certificates, and college degrees), then helps formulate career strategies. As a result, students possess individualized career paths, suggestions on majors, plans for their postsecondary experience, and increased confidence in their career path, helping them graduate with an enhanced skill set and increased employment potential.

"Thank you for investing in the lives of our students at Ponder Junior High. The guidance and wisdom your mentors shared with our kids helped to clarify an overwhelming task. The process encouraged our kids in creating a path of understanding for high school and beyond, and really opened their eyes to an unlimited world of options. The kindness and professionalism of your mentors encouraged our kids to be transparent with their dreams and questions about expectations and what the journey really looks like.”
Cindy Fraser, Ponder Jr. High counselor


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Work With HSCC
HSCC has trained staff ready to provide career education services through one-to-one mentoring, small group sessions, class presentations, assemblies, and workshops/presentations for students, parents, or staff.
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Find Your Career Path
Finding your career path can be difficult, and your career journey will often take you in directions you never imagined. But proper planning and preparation give you a better chance of navigating the path toward a successful career.
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Partner Schools
High School Career Connect has created a website for each of our partner schools. Click a school below to visit that partner school's HSCC website.
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HSCC topped the annual goal in its first full semester. Over its first three years, that rate has continued to climb, and HSCC has averaged more than its annual goal in each semester.


"I appreciate all the help from UNT High School Career Connect! They helped me explore all the options from my possible career interests. I feel I have more guidance to pursue my studies at UNT. They really took the time to talk to me and get to know my educational background and make sure I was on the right track. I highly recommend UNT High School Career Connect.”
Frankie A., Lake Dallas High School student


Staff Spotlight

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Eric Green

Assistant Director of High School Career Connect
"The family and the individuals I encounter daily, be it my teammates or students, are a constant source of inspiration for me. Witnessing others accomplish their aspirations brings me immense joy and serves as a natural source of motivation."






Why should I join?

Working with middle and high schools in Denton County, Texas, HSCC provides students and their parents with career assessments, guidance, and planning resources.

HSCC conducts one-on-one mentorships, class presentations, assemblies, workshops, and fairs to provide students with the career resources needed to navigate their desired career path. HSCC’s staff also provides resources on collegiate financial aid and admissions procedures.

How much does it cost?

High School Career Connect is FREE. 

High School Career Connect was formed in 2017 with a grant from the Greater Texas Foundation and support of the University of North Texas.

Who are the High School Career Connect Mentors?
HSCC’s mentors are UNT students. Having recently gone through the college-admission process, they understand HSCC's target audience. The mentors undergo extensive training from HSCC’s full-time staff, all of whom have graduate-level degrees, mostly in educational counseling.
Where are you located?
We are located in Sage Hall Suite 260.