At University of North Texas, students begin Career Readiness training from day one.

UNT’s Career Services met with incoming freshman during the university’s First Flight week. But it wasn’t their first meeting. Career Services began small group meetings between students and career coaches during summer orientation. By the time freshman arrived for First Flight, they had already participated in a career readiness pre-test, a self-discovery module, and were prepared for their first one-on-one career coach meeting.

“The Career Readiness curriculum has been developed in consultation with our academic colleges, career coaches, and employer partners,” said Eileen Buecher, assistant vice president for student affairs and career success. “As a university community, our intentions are to help students make informed and confident decisions about their futures, while also introducing them to professional foundational skills applicable to all majors and career choices.

The Career Readiness curriculum begins with Orientation, followed by First Flight, the first week freshman arrive on campus, and continues through all four years. Each year includes a series of learning modules and check-ins focused on eight core competencies – critical thinking, communication, leadership, technology, teamwork, professionalism, career and self-development, and the global workplace – all with a goal to prepare students for a successful transition into the workplace. Along the journey, students are surveyed to measure the program’s effectiveness.

After the program’s first year, students reported a 33%-point growth in their understanding of how to build a professional network and a 47%-point growth in how to access career coaching.

“The Career Readiness experience is inclusive of relevant skill-building content, reflection, and relationship-building. UNT career coaches and career readiness instructors facilitate résumé building and course reflection touchpoints with students to complement their online learning and help them articulate their skills to employers,” Buecher said.

In addition to meeting with a career coach, First Flight offered students the opportunity to handpick presentations, including Internships 101, How to Find a Campus Job, and Fighting Imposter Syndrome in Your Career.

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