Over the past four years, the staff of the UNT Career Center in the College of Business have collaborated with faculty in an ongoing project to improve student resumes throughout the college. One of the most popular courses, Introduction to Professional Sales (Marketing 3010), gets students from all majors started on their personal branding, including creating and polishing a professional resume. The Career Center supports the resume improvement assignment by providing staff members who assist in a variety of ways.

Students in the class are provided a resume format, which has been vetted by the Career Center and recruiters of UNT business students.

“We know that the format we provide leads to job interviews, which is the purpose of a resume,” said Brian Hirsch, the lead staff member in the office.

The staff also meet with the students to review their resumes and offer advice.

“Our main focus is trying to get as many students as possible in 1:1 resume advisement,” said Hirsch.

The course has an enrollment of more than 400 students per semester, so during the lead-up to the assignment deadline, the Career Center staff (including one GA and two peer advisors) might review as many as 30 resumes per day.

In four years, the staff of the Career Center in the College of Business have reviewed and seen improvement for more than 3,200 student resumes. The staff work closely with the instructor of the course who determines the final grade, and he or she depends on them to provide students with guidance and feedback on improving their documents and contributing to overall better personal brands.

For more information on the Career Center, visit https://studentaffairs.unt.edu/career-center.

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