Throughout high school, Arsalan Nazari envisioned a career in the medical field to become a general practitioner.

From there, Nazari was accepted into the health science program at Collin College where he studied to become a certified nursing assistant and licensed emergency medical technician. It wasn't until he started exploring other courses that interested him while working toward his associate degree that he realized a one-size-fits-all degree didn't fit him.

"I learned about the project design and analysis program at UNT at Frisco, and the design part really drew me in," Nazari says. "It was small, more specialized and more hands-on. Plus, the professors were sharing real-world experiences and what I could do with the degree, which I really enjoyed learning about."

UNT is investing in career readiness to solidify its reputation for cutting-edge programs that meet the demands of business and industry while preparing students for the careers of their dreams. In recent years, the focus has shifted from supporting students as they work toward a specific degree to helping them design a degree they can put into action -- an essential component of success in our rapidly evolving job market. Resources like academic advising to keep students on track and ensure they are getting the most out of their college experience, career coaching to help them chart a path to success and several UNT Career Centers focused on further developing the skills needed to land internships and jobs are key to helping students build a path from the classroom to career.

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