UNT Community Garden, February 2022 


Upcoming Events

Zero Waste Picnic

February 18th at 11am in the UNT Community Garden

Join us for a low waste picnic as part of Campus Race to Zero Waste! Everyone is encouraged to bring their own lunch in reusable containers with as low waste as possible. We will be having conversations about meal planning and the importance of reducing waste in our day-to-day lives.

Garden Workday

February 26th at noon in the UNT Community Garden

Join us for an all-UNT workday in the garden to volunteer to help garden members with their plot! If you already are a garden member, this is a great opportunity to learn from and teach fellow gardeners about spring planting!

February Gardening Tip

To protect your seedlings and transplants from the cold weather, put up hoop houses with frost cloths (found in the shed). Another option is to put a thick layer of fresh compost and mulch in your garden bed to keep everything warm.

Garden Member Cohort

Members of the UNT Community Garden are invited to join the Mean Green Growers Cohort! Check out the Teams to learn more about what lessons we will be covering this semester and what dates to attend! 

If you are not currently a garden member, but would like to apply, fill out our Garden Membership Application, and sign up for an orientation.

Reminder to all Garden Users

Please cut compost materials into 3-inch pieces before placing them in the bins. The new, large bins are out of order, so please use the tumblers and black bins until the others are repaired!

January at a Glance

This month, the UNT Community Garden hosted two Meet the Gardeners events to promote the garden to future members! Additionally, the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi volunteered in the garden as one of their service projects! We also had garden members come out on our 'Garden Workday' this month to refresh their plots from the winter break. Join our next workday on February 26th!