In order to highlight our lovely community partners, we interviewed them about their purpose and how UNT students can further help them be successful. We interviewed Thelma Cantu from CCA this week!

1. Your name and title? 

- Thelma Cantu, Volunteer Relations Manager


2. What is your organization and what does it do? 

Christian Community Action provides rent & utility assistance, food, life skills classes and other educational courses to help people move from crisis to stability.


3. What is your organization’s mission? 

In the name of Jesus Christ, CCA ministers to the poor by providing comprehensive services that alleviate suffering, bring hope and change lives.


4. Why did you choose to work in this field? 

I want to serve my local community and make a positive impact on struggling families.


5. What led you to work with the Center for Leadership and Service? 

My many years experience working in the volunteer management sector connected me to the center.


6. What is your favorite initiative that you have worked on so far? 

By far, our Back to School program that allows families to shop at a store and select 2 outfits, socks, unders and school supplies in a backpack.  Seeing how proud the students are and how eager they are to learn is gratifying.


7. What would you say to students who want to get involved? 

If you have a heart for service, CCA is the right place for you.  You will be joining our CCA family who works diligently everyday to avert homelessness and give people hope for a better future.